JANESVILLE, Ill. (WTVO) — Janesville Police say three of its officers were injured, one suffering a broken shoulder bone, in two separate arrests on Thursday.

According to police, around 2 p.m., Turner Beernink, 27, of Milton, stole a car from a local bar and crashed it at the Milton Lawns Cemetery. Officers said Beernink appeared to be intoxicated when they approached him, and struggled with them as they tried to take him into custody.

Eventually, Beernink had to be tased in order to get him under control. one officer suffered a “significant injury” to his arm, which was later determined to be broken.

Beernink was charged with 3rd OWI, Causing Substantial Injury to an Officer, Operating a Motor Vehicle without the Owner’s Consent, Resisting Arrest, Felony Bail Jumping, and five counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.

Around 9 p.m, officer were called to The Back Bar, at 1901 Beloit Avenue, where someone had reported a young child had been in the back of a vehicle for hours while the adult in charge was inside the bar.

Officers made contact with Richard Gardener, 45, in the parking lot. As they tried to arrest him, he ran back inside the bar, police said. During the attempt to take him into custody, two officers and Gardner suffered minor injuries.

Gardener was charged with Causing Substantial Injury to an Officer, Battery to Law Enforcement, and Child Neglect.

“Officers are involved in numerous and various encounters with the public on a daily basis. Some of these encounters result in the need to arrest and take suspects who have committed crimes into custody. Unfortunately, when the suspect decides they are not going to cooperate and physically resists arrest they put themselves and the officer in jeopardy of injury,” Deputy Chief Chad Pearson said.