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SOUTH BELOIT, Wis. (WTVO) — If you have stepped outside recently, you’ve noticed that the Stateline is in the middle of a warm stretch. With few options to beat the heat, a home air conditioning unit might be the only relief. The overtime duties could lead to air conditioner burnout. Technicians say they have been working overtime too.

“It’s been extremely busy with the heat, which is not uncommon,” explained Greg Fleming, the owner of Fleming Heating and Air Conditioning.

As the calendar flips the page to July, the dog days of summer are in full effect–forcing Stateline residents to find a way to keep cool. In South Beloit, the air conditioning system at the American Legion received a tune-up on Wednesday after months laying dormant

However, it’s not just businesses that are seeking AC help. Technicians have been starting their days in the early morning hours, making countless house calls as well.

“In extreme weather, you have to turn it on early and get ahead of it,” Fleming said.

Greg Fleming owns Fleming Heating and Air Conditioning–with locations in Belvidere and South Beloit. He says there are plenty of steps homeowners can take to prevent issues and save themselves and HVAC bill. It all starts with the thermostat.

“A lot of people don’t have it in the cooling position, they think they do, and in fact they don’t. It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it does, so we just talk to them and make sure everything is calling for air conditioning before we run out again,” Fleming explained.

Fleming says the easiest thing for homeowners to check is to make sure their air conditioner is running on a clean filter.

“Make sure your filter is clean. We get a lot of calls that we go out to, kind of unnecessarily, and we find a dirty filter and that’s a very simple fix,” he addeed.

Fleming says tenants will get the most bang for their buck out of an AC system by letting the air circulate.

“The air conditioners are usually designed to do the entire house, so I would leave all the doors open, leave the registers open, that’s what they’re designed to do,” Fleming concluded.


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