BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — VFW Post 1461 celebrated the birthday of twins who served in the Korean War on Saturday.

It was the first birthday that twins Kenneth and Keith Bodey had had together in five years. They are celebrating 90 this year.

“This is awesome,” Kenneth said.

“Best day of our life I guess,” Keith added. “We waited 90 years for this.”

The twins said that they did not realize how many friends and family were coming to celebrate them.

“I didn’t think we had so many friends,” Keith said.

“It was a surprise, I’ll tell you,” Kenneth added.

Les and Debbie Bodey, Keith’s oldest son and daughter-in-law, said that the twins had not seen some family in a long time. It felt like a family reunion and birthday celebration, all in one.

“I’m kinda overwhelmed by how many people are actually here right now,” Les said.

“I think it’s awesome,” Debbie said. “It’s just awesome.”

The twins shared how they grew up, and just how much life has changed over the years.

“When we were born, we didn’t even have a telephone,” Keith said. “We had cold running water. That’s all we had in the house.”

“And a two-seater potty outdoors,” Kenneth said.

“We want to invite you back 10 years from now for the 100th,” Les said.

“Yep… I told Keith, ‘if you see 100, we’ll do it all over again,'” Debbie added.

Keith served in the U.S. Air Force while Kenneth served in the U.S. Army. The Bodey twins were awarded the Korean Ambassador for Peace medal as a big birthday surprise.

“Feels real good to me,” Keith said. “It’s an honor and all that to receive this stuff.”

“And it’s a amazing day and I am thankful for everyone that came out to see us,” Kenneth added.