ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — UW Health is undergoing a transition of former Rockford SwedishAmerican facilities to its own brand.

Rockford-based SwedishAmerican merged with the Madison-based UW Health in April 2021, and announced at the time that all locations will eventually assume the UW Health brand name.

“Not only will our patients continue to have access to the high quality, compassionate care they expect from us, but they now have the added benefit of easier access to hundreds of clinical trials and experts at a top academic medical center,” said UW Health’s chief executive officer for northern Illinois, Travis Andersen.

Updated names do not affect operations or appointments, the hospital said.

SwedishAmerican Creekside Medical Center is now UW Health N Bell School Rd Medical Center, SwedishAmerican Stateline Clinic is now UW Health Roscoe Clinic and SwedishAmerican Valley Clinic is now UW Health Newburg Rd Clinic. Previous name updates in northern Illinois are listed below. More clinic name updates are scheduled for September and October.

Old NameNew Name
SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer CenterUW Health | Carbone Cancer Center Rockford
SwedishAmerican Creekside Medical CenterUW Health N Bell School Rd Medical Center
SwedishAmerican Stateline ClinicUW Health Roscoe Clinic
SwedishAmerican Valley ClinicUW Health Newburg Rd Clinic
SwedishAmerican HospitalUW Health SwedishAmerican Hospital
SwedishAmerican Women and Children’s HospitalUW Health Women and Children’s Hospital
SwedishAmerican Heart HospitalUW Health Heart Hospital
SwedishAmerican Renaissance PavilionUW Health 1340 Charles St Clinic
SwedishAmerican Camelot TowerUW Health 1415 E State St Clinic
SwedishAmerican Ninth Street CenterUW Health 9th Street Clinic
SwedishAmerican Riverwest ClinicUW Health Marchesano Dr Clinic