ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Businesses across the nation continue to struggle to keep fully staffed, but some industries are struggling more than others.

UW Health worked to combat its shortage by holding a hiring event on Tuesday. It had a good turn out, and several potential employees said that they were excited about this opportunity.

“My mom owns her own company, so I just go in and help her out,” said Surgical Assistant Bianca Ivory. “I’m starting with her, but I just want to get back into the medical field and bringing me back to my roots, getting back to what I like to do.”

Ivory has been a surgical assistant for five years. She took a break to try other opportunities, but she is now ready to go back to the medical field.

“I’m just happy that I have the opportunity to be able to see it up face to face and come in here and see what is offered to us,” Ivory said.

Karla Noguez, talent acquisition specialist at UW Health, said that the event not only tried to fill job positions, but to be more accessible to the community as well. The hope is that this event will bring in many potential employees.

“We are really hoping to bring in as many people as possible,” Noguez said. “In the past, we’ve seen a successful number of recruitments coming in from these events.”

Visitors got an overview of all the different positions available. Registered nurses, medical assistants and medical receptionists are most in need.

There were also face-to-face interviews with hiring managers.

“I’m really excited to just talk to our community, get to know everyone, of course, but just talk to them about, you know, career opportunities,” Noguez said. “And even if one of the positions today is not a good fit, then there are so many other positions for them within the health system.”

Ivory said that this is a cutting-edge field, but the hiring event made it easier for those who want to pursue a career in the medical field get their foot in the door. Her big goal is to become a registered nurse.

“It’s hard to get in and now they are having a hiring event,” Ivory said. “That will make it easier for them to get in. It’s great. I’m just happy they have this to offer.”

There is another event on Friday at UW Health Swedish American, 1350 Charles St., from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.