SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WTVO) — A member of the Illinois General Assembly wants to expand vaccine exemptions in the state.

The “Religious Exemption Act” would broaden the reasons a person can refuse a vaccine. If signed into law, a person would only need to hold a sincere conviction about “religious faith, morals or views on health care.”

Supporters said that firing someone for being unvaccinated, or charging them more for health care, is a form of discrimination.

“There is there are many breakthrough cases and all we’re talking about his vaccination status. That’s all we’re having discussions over,” said Representative Adam Niemerg of Dieterich. “I am ready to have a discussion across the gamut of COVID-19 mitigation standards, and we should not discriminate any American because of their vaccination status, period.”

Just one-20th of 1% of fully vaccinated people in Illinois have been hospitalized. Those odds are more than ten times better than people not inoculated.