FREEPORT, Ill. (WTVO) — A local community gathered together to remember a young man who was gunned down.

Daquaveon Jackson was shot and killed over the weekend. There were at least 100 people who showed up Monday night in remembrance of Jackson’s life, which an organizer said speaks to how loved the 23-year-old was.

“I’m asking that this community, the Rockford community, anybody that can hear the sound of my low voice, that they raise theirs,” said community activist Windy Pearson.

Pearson led a balloon release on Monday for Daquaveon “Tweet” Jackson just days after he was murdered.

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, so my heart is broken, but my mind says that we have to continue on to bring about a change for all of us,” Pearson said.

Jackson was shot on N. Greenfield Drive near Winter Park on Saturday, according to police. He was then driven to Freeport Memorial Hospital, where he died. Pearson remembers Jackson as a respectable kid who enjoyed basketball and stayed out of trouble.

“The kind of kid that Tweet was, they’re willing to listen, they are willing to learn, and they don’t care who they get it from because their insides are crawling with more information, and that’s who this boy was, that’s who this boy is,” Pearson said.

Officials believe that Jackson knew his killer and was shot during an argument. No other information has been released because it is early in the investigation, but Pearson hopes that some answers will come soon.

“Here’s what needs to be understood… there is not one death that is greater than the other,” Pearson said. “There’s never a time when a name should be forgotten.”

Pearson repeated a common motto used by the police; If you see something, say something. Anyone with information about the shooting should contact the Freeport Police Department, 815-235-8222.