POPLAR GROVE, Ill. (WTVO) — A vintage airplane, five years in the making, took flight in Poplar Grove on Sunday with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

“As we began to taxi the crowd started applauding and we hadn’t even gotten in the air yet, and once she took off the crowd was applauding again,” said Steve McGreevy, principal volunteer. “A great crowd today, its really impressive that the word got out and there’s this much interest in our project.”

The plane is called “The Jenny.” It was the first mass produced airplane and was used to help train pilots during World War I. “The Jenney” has been out for a few flight tests, but this was the first for the public to see. It is not an easy plane to fly, as it takes four people to operate, has no brakes and no starter.

The airport hopes that the plane will help bring in more people and donations to the museum.