WAUKESHA, Wis. (WTVO) — The trial of the man accused of driving an SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is now in the hands of the jury.

Jurors heard closing arguments from the prosecutors and the defendant on Tuesday. Darrell Brooks represented himself in the trial and did not testify. He faces six counts of First Degree Intentional Homicide.

Brooks’ behavior has often ended with him being removed to another courtroom. That was again the case Tuesday.

“Mr. Brooks, you are defiantly disregarding this court,” Waukesha County Judge Jennifer Dorow said. “You can roll your eyes at me all you want.”

“Me bringing up about the jury notification, here we go with this, because it’s ridiculous your honor,” Brooks countered while talking over Dorow.

“It’s time for Darrell Brooks to stop running, it’s time for him to stop lying,” Waukesha County Prosecutor Susan Opper added. “It’s time for him to be held accountable for his actions.”

Brooks faces life in prison if convicted.