Wave Avenue of Byron unveils “Fashion Truck”

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BYRON, Ill. (WTVO) — A small business owner from Byron is bringing her store on the road, literally.

The fashion guru said that her hope is to bring new styles to customers who might not make the trip to a standalone location.

Multiple food trucks have been seen across the stateline, but Chelsey Simpson, the Owner/Founder of Wave Avenue Boutique, 733 W Blackhawk Drive, is taking that concept in another direction.

“So this trailer was just a bare bones, brand new trailer, nothing in it at all, so we had to do every little bit to finish it off, with the help of family and friends,” Simpson said.

It all started as an online clothing store two years ago, but Simpson then decided to do something unconventional.

“You’ve seen different mobile boutiques in markets,” Simpson said. “Some will convert, like, an old bread truck or a bus or something, but we thought a trailer would be neat because we can close off the doors.”

When walking into the trailer, it looks just like a normal clothing store, just smaller. There is even a room for people to try on some of their favorites.

“So we built a dressing room in our mobile boutique. It was really important to us, so women can try on styles they see out here,” Simpson said. “The neatest part is when a customer comes in that’s new, you know, that comes in saying, ‘wow, you can’t really tell what it looks like from the outside, and you come in and it’s a cozy knit store,’ it makes you feel comfortable and that’s the goal.”

Simpson said that she was drawn to this so she can reach more people around the stateline.

“We wanted to have a mobile boutique just because we feel like not being stuck in one fixed location just allows us to grow and expand in different ways, and reach new customers all the time,” Simpson said.

Simpson said that so far, it has been successful, and she hopes it will grow even more.

“Trying to find the balance of what works best for us at this time, but of course I would love to grow it and have multiple boutique trailers, maybe in different locations, would be awesome,” Simpson said.

Wave Avenue will be at BJ Way Park, 333 W Blackhawk Dr, from 4-7 p.m. on Wednesday.

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