BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — The closing of the Stellantis’ Belvidere Assembly Plant is not only affecting its workers, but also other companies that supplied parts for them.

Many employees from those companies had there last day on Friday. The plant’s closure has had a domino effect for all area companies.

Liza Wolfe, a former employee of Yanfeng, said that this hits home for her because her family originally came to Belvidere for her father to work at the Stellantis plant.

“You know, we didn’t want to leave our job,” Wolfe said. “We all wanted to retire there. We were happy there.”

Yanfeng was one of many suppliers for the Stellantis plant. Wolfe’s family came to Belvidere because of the opportunity the Stellantis plant had for her father.

Many companies, like Yanfeng, are now closing due to Stellantis going idle.

“We were always in the hopes, learning of which car we would build next, you know,” Wolfe said. “We kinda knew our car was going away and it was not going to be built in Belvidere anymore.”

Wolfe said workers were hopeful that they would keep working and get a new car to build.

“So, we thought, ‘well, we need a car to build in order to stay open,’ and we waited and we waited and we waited,” she said. “And then, we we’re never given anything, so that is really hard, the waiting for months to be able to know what we were going to build and that we were prosper and be there.”

Friday was Wolfe and her coworkers last day. She said that they have become like family and it is not easy to let go.

“All of us, we all said goodbye all day long,” Wolfe said. “It was emotional, and it was sad.”

Wolfe said there is speculation of more information in the fall, but she said that they cannot wait that long.

“Fall is a long time away, and in the meantime people will need jobs and they will need insurance, and can we hold on that long,” she said. “Even if they announce something in the fall, it doesn’t mean they are going to open up the doors the next day.”

Wolfe and her family have no plans as of right now.