ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — When parents want to have a night out, they may be wondering at what age can one child be left alone to babysit a younger sibling?

Those looking for a babysitter in Wisconsin should remember that the minimum age in the state to watch kids in 11 years old, according to Law for Families. A certificate to babysit is not required in the state, but babysitting courses are highly recommended for anyone interested.

For those looking to provide day-care services, it is a different story, however. Day-care services in the state require a license, and this is solely for the protection of the children in care. In order to become licensed, the day care must first be inspected for safety hazards.

Parents looking for a babysitter to look after multiple kids need to remember that the number of kids they can watch depends on the kids’ age. For example, if a child is 0-2 years old, a babysitter can watch up for four, but if they are 2-2 and a half, that number goes up to six.