ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Losing a loved one is one of the last things a person would want to deal with, but certain steps must be taken in these unfortunate events.

One of the biggest, and first, steps that a person must take is filing a death certificate. Many people might be wondering, however, what the time limit is for filing this certificate.

According to Illinois State Law, “each death which occurs in this State shall be registered by filing a death certificate with the local registrar of the district in which the death occurred or the body was found, within 7 days after such death.”

In addition, state law says that a death certificate must be filed before cremation or removal of the body from Illinois. This would include in instances of moving the deceased’s body to inheritors.

After filing a death certificate, a permit of disposition must be obtained by a funeral director before burial or cremation can take place.

If residents want to keep their loved one closer to home, they can check their local ordinances to find out how they can bury the body on their property.