ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — When it comes to takeout, Chinese food is some of the most popular in America.

In fact, Chinese food is the most popular ethnic cuisine in the country, according to Chef’s Pencil. Families all over the country order Chinese food from thousands of different restaurants to have a delicious, affordable meal without all the work of cooking themselves. However, like all restaurants, some are better than others.

Find a list below of some of the best places in Rockford to order Chinese cuisine, according to Yelp.

  1. Teriyaki Express, 1718 E. Riverside Blvd: Offering affordable prices with a convenient location, Teriyaki Express is a one-stop-shop for all of your Chinese cravings. With a huge variety of different dishes made with high quality, fresh ingredients, Teriyaki Express is an easy way to send your taste buds through an Oriental trip. From Chinese favorites like Orange and Sesame Chicken to Japanese delicacies like Yakisoba and Yaki udon, Teriyaki Express has the perfect bite for your buck. Amanda W. said in her Yelp review that “my fiancée wanted us to try this place for dinner one night because it’s close to her house. So glad we did, huge portions for the price! Plus food was amazing!! I got the small chicken and she got tofu, and they were both huge portions! Had plenty for leftovers! Will def try it again!”

  2. Rock-Pho’d, 6551 E Riverside Blvd: Opened in 2018, Rock-Pho’d takes Asian Fusion cuisine to a whole new level. Chef Souky is a half-Laotian, half-Vietnamese man who grew up in Laos. Being to cook in Laotian markets when he was just 7-years-old, Souky has brought his authentic cooking to Rockford. Souky and his wife Bonnie began selling egg rolls and crab rangoons during their neighborhood’s summer garage sale, and the rest is history. From different types of curry to broccoli beef and Sai Gok Khem, Rock-Pho’d offers authentic Asian cuisine at a price that will not break the bank. Maria T. said in her Yelp review that “the value was AMAZING. The servings are quite generous. The customer service was awesome…the food was all flavorful and delicious…so good I would recommend all the dishes.”
  3. Hai Quynh Restaurant, 324 7th St: When it comes to authenticity, nothing can beat Rockford’s Hai Quynh Restaurant. From dishes like Cha Gio and Coi Cuon Tom to different kinds of salads, soups, pho, rice and noodles, Hai Quynh offers a large menu with tasty, authentic dishes that will both satisfy your stomach and your wallet. While enjoying your food, why not wash it all down with a taro smoothie or Ca Phe Da (iced coffee)? Jazzmine R. said in her Yelp review that “I have been here a couple times and it is always so delicious and fresh. The staff are welcoming, friendly, and helpful. There’s a large selection of delicious Boba teas and refresher fruit teas on the menu which are my absolute favorite! I usually get two , one to drink there and one to take home.”
  4. Wong Wong Chinese Restaurant, 3703 Auburn St: Those looking to get the ultimate bang for their buck should check out Wong Wong Chinese Restaurant. Offering different lunch combos such as chicken chop suey, empress chicken and pork egg foo young, each combo comes with an egg roll and fried rice to chow down on. For families who are looking to order in, Wong Wong offers different family dinners for two, three and four people, each with different favorite entrees and sides. Rommel T. said in his Yelp review that “this place never lets my family down. I drive in from the NE side of Rockford because the flavor here crushes the competition! The combination fried rice and shrimp egg foo young is on par with the best that I tried in Chicago’s China Town. For the kids who love sweet and sour chicken, it’s always hot and crispy because the sauce is separate.”
  5. The Great Wall Restaurant, 4228 E State St: The Great Wall Restaurant has been serving delicious Chinese cuisine to the Rockford community for over 40 years. Culminating various recipes from all over China, the restaurant has become known for its delicious Chinese-American food. They also claim to be “one of the very few places in the Midwest where you can appreciate authentic Chinese culinary art mastered by a first-class chef.” A family business run by May and Wen “Alex” Zeng and their sons, The Great Wall continues to offer delicious food, even if it is a bit on the pricier side. Some favorites include Mongolian Triple Delight, Chef’s Special Shrimp and Ziao Ping Pork. Grant S. said in his Yep review that it is “the BEST Chinese food in town. It is in the pricey side but well worth the price.. there are a couple more in Rockford, but this one far out does the others.”