ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Birds of Prey have a wide spread in Illinois, with eight different hawk species and two different eagle species in the state.

Though hawks and eagles are their own species, it might be hard to tell them apart since they are so similar. The main difference seem to be in their size.

Eagles have a larger wingspan than eagles, and tend to be larger in general. An average adult hawk will have a wingspan of 20-60 inches, while adult eagles will have one of 44-110 inches.

Adult hawks will tend to weigh from 4-5 pounds, while eagles will weigh between 1-20 pounds.

Other differences have to do with their diet. While both will hunt small mammals, insects and small birds, eagles will also venture out to the water to catch fish and lizards.

Both species sleep at night and hunt during the day, so chances are those big wings in the sky are a hawk or eagle, and not another famous Bird of Prey; owls.