ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Fall is known for marking the end of many things; daylight savings time, warm weather and even the current year all begin to wind down as the season changes.

However, the cool weather and longer nights also means the start of hunting season for many animals is just around the corner.

Knowing when certain animals can be hunted will keep you on the right side of the law, so when does hunting season begin in Illinois? Well, that depends on the animal.

Leading off with Illinois’ most popular game animal, deer hunting season in Illinois begins October 1 for archery and November 17 for firearms, according to Hunt Illinois.

Squirrel hunters are in luck, as hunting season for fox and gray squirrels began August 1. Rabbit hunting season begins November 4 while the fall hunting season for turkey begins October 1 for archery and October 21 for shotgun.

Canada geese are another popular game animal, and their early season has already begun, starting on September 1.

Finally, pheasant and quail hunting opens November 4, while duck hunting opens October 28.

Keep in mind these are only when the season begins. Different seasons end at different times. To be sure you’re hunting in season, check out Hunt Illinois.