ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Halloween is a day almost every child looks forward to. Candy, costumes, trick-or-treating and parties provide kids with a wide variety of fun activities.

Temperatures, unfortunately, also vary widely on Halloween. Most of us can remember trick-or-treating on 70-degree days — and 30-degree ones.

Kids aren’t known for dressing the most appropriately for the weather, especially on Halloween, when costumes complicate things further. Thus, it is up to the parent to keep their kids comfortable — and safe — on the spooky night.

So, what is the temperature expected to be on Halloween? And does it mean your child should bundle up under their princess or knight costume?

Halloween is expected to be a chilly one, according to Eyewitness News meteorologist Joey Marino, who predicts temperatures to drop into the mid 30s by the time trick-or-treating begins in the afternoon.

That means, yes, your little Freddy Kreuger should wear a sweatshirt under his striped sweater, according to childrenswear outfitter Polarn O Pyret Kidswear.

Polarn O Pyrent recommends three layers when the temperature drops below 41 degrees.  An inner layer to keep the body warm and dry, a middle layer that insulates warmth under the outer layer, and an outer layer that keeps the warmth in and the weather out.

While the kids might not appreciate “alterations” to their costumes, bundling up will ensure the only shivers they get on Halloweens are from ghosts and goblins.