ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Just weeks ago President Donald Trump signed the Traced Act into law. It’s goal, to put an end to robocalls.

A Rockford woman received a call claiming there was a warrant out for her arrest in Texas.

When she called the number back the scammers tried to offer her a cash reward.

“You have reached the business senior awards it’s a promotion call ma’am regarding $100. All you need to pay is $4.95 first ma’am,” the scammer said.

The phone call continued on for 13 minutes, and the scammer said to receive this they would need credit or debit card information.

“It’s an epidemic now,” said Director of Rockford Regional Office BBB, Dennis Horton. “It’s at a point where people are simply fed up.”

Horton said over the last month more than 14 million robocalls were received in Northern Illinois alone.

“The people who are robodialing are crooks,” he said.

Just like the person who told Dawn, the Rockford woman, that she had an arrest warrant in Texas.

“They said that my number has been used fraudulently,” Dawn said. “And that I have a federal warrant out for my arrest, and automatically my stomach sank to my feet.”

Luckily she noticed the warning signs.

“She says I need some form of bank account information and I said why? If it’s fraudulent you have everything on your computer right in front of you,” Dawn explained.

Horton says you can’t prevent these calls, but you can keep yourself from becoming a victim.

“Look at your phone. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer,” he said.

If you do fall victim to a phone scam Horton said it’s important to report it to the Federal Trade Commission.


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