ROCKTON, Ill. (WTVO) — With more and more families opting for real over fake Christmas trees, some analysts fear there won’t be enough inventory to go around.

Karen Williams, at Williams Tree Farm in Rockton, said her business will have trees for everyone — it will only be a matter of when.

“If someone is really looking for a tall tree, they want to shop early this year,” she said Wednesday, from the farm at 4661 Yale Bridge Road.

With 300 acres of Balsam, Frasier, Pine and more trees, Williams said it may be tricky to find a tall tree.

“We’re really good up to nine feet, over nine feet. You’re going to have to hunt a little bit more, but they’re still out there. But they’re just, you know, a little bit more hard to find. It really is the impact of more people heading to the market kind of thing. So Supply and demand,” she said.

According to a study by the Real Christmas Tree Board, 20% of people across the nation plan to buy a real tree for the first time this year.

Williams said they are ready for those crowds this season, but that could change in the coming years.

“I’m not necessarily worried about a shortage now, but going ahead because the industry is having a bit of a hard time keeping up,” she said. “We are now having our seedlings, the little trees that we plant, we’re having them custom-grown, because it’s even hard to get the seed source that you want. So, you know, different things, but you just, you know, you adapt to the market and do the best you can.”

Even though more customers bring more work, Williams said she is happy that more families are deciding on real trees this Christmas.

“Seeing people just want to get out and have fun and making those memories are priceless,” she said.

Williams said to keep real trees in a cool climate and water them often, to make sure they last through the holiday.