ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The Winnebago County Animal Services shelter says it is experiencing “maximum critical capacity.”

“A few days ago, we had 25 cats brought in from a condemned home and so, that is the community and us having to be there for the community, we have to make sure we are available to have that space to take situations like that in,” said adoption coordinator Amber Pinnon.

One pitbull, named Jasper, came into the shelter as a stray last year. He was adopted, but was picked up again as a stray in July.

“We have about over 80 dogs in the building and over 90 cats and so, when we get to those numbers, that means that animal housing has to be shrunk or doubled up, and [that] also is really hard on staff,” Pinnon said.

Jaguar, a tomcat, came into the shelter as a stray and wasn’t moving very well, Pinnon said. He had to be medically checked out and has since made a full recovery. He has been with the shelter for more than a month.

“When we get full like this, we really want to make sure we’re finding pets homes so we can make space for another pet in need in our community,” she said.

WCAS encourages anyone thinking of getting a new pet to stop in at their office, at 4517 North Main Street, and adopt a shelter pet.

“We are hoping that people can be the solution for these animals and that we can help people make great connections and make some space in the shelter for other pets in need, while also helping people have that human-animal bond and getting these animals homes,” Pinnon said.