Winnebago County Board Committee passes resolution calling for Coroner Bill Hintz’s resignation

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Wednesday evening, members of the Winnebago County Public Safety and Judiciary Committee recommended the full county board take action against Coroner William Hintz, who faces multiple felony theft and misconduct charges.

The committee passed a resolution calling on Hintz to resign after recent accusations that he stole money from the dead, up to $14,000.

“We’ll see what Mr. Hintz does. Hopefully in the meantime he resigns and all of this goes away and we can get back to normal life here in Winnebago County,” said Burt Gerl, Chairman of the Winnebago County Public Safety Committee.

The committee recommended two avenues for Hintz. The first being to resign and step away from office, while the other is going on paid administrative leave and also step away from office.

Members of the Winnebago County Board say, as an elected official, there is limited power as to what they can do to remove Hintz.

In 2020, Hintz and his wife, Michelle, were charged with misusing a county credit card. Prosecutors say the couple spent $15,818 in government funds.

“We live in Illinois where corruption has been the norm it seems in politics for the last few decades, but this is the lowest of lows. When you steal from dead people and violate that trust of a grieving family, that is something that can’t be tolerated here or [in] any community,” said Gerl.

The resolution will be voted on Thursday by the full Winnebago County Board.

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