GURNEE, Ill. (WTVO) — A Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputy is credited with saving the life of a woman pinned between two vehicles in a crash in Gurnee last week.

According to a police spokesperson, Deputy William Eichholtz was in Gurnee to attend a training event when, around 7:45 a.m., he came across an accident scene on Grand Avenue near Lawson Boulevard.

Gurnee Police said the 44-year-old victim had been in a minor accident with another car and was standing in between the two vehicles when the driver of a Nissan sedan failed to stop and crashed into the back of a Chrysler Minivan, pinning the woman to her BMW SUV, WFLD reported.

Eichholtz was passing the scene and stopped to render aid by applying torniquets to her legs.

Police said it was fortunate that he had two tourniquets in his vehicle that morning since he would normally only carry one in his squad car. Because he had to borrow a squad car, he moved one tourniquet from his car, the spokesperson said.

Gurnee police said Eichholtz’ actions likely saved the woman’s life.

She was taken to a Libertyville hospital when paramedics and local police officers arrived at the scene.

The roadway was closed for three hours while the crash was under investigation.