ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — After a decades-long partnership, an agreement between Severson Dells Education Foundation and the Winnebago County Forest Preserve is in limbo.

Currently, the Forest Preserve covers payroll and other expenses, and in exchange, Severson Dells provides educational programming for the county.

But, budgetary concerns could end the arrangement. At a special meeting held Wednesday, the forest preserve discussed the agreement. Both sides said they want to move forward together.

“The Forest Preserve has agreed to be contributing financially to the organization moving forward, we just don’t know what that looks like, how much that’s going to be, moving forward,” said Severson Dells vice president Catherine Povalitis. “So, they do still have, they are still committed to helping us financially and obviously we have access to the forest preserve property.”

If no deal is made, the current agreement would end on March 19th.

The agreement mainly affects employees of Severson Dells.

Severson Dells Nature Center is located at 8786 Montague Road, and is a 369-acre area consisting of hiking and nature trails in a woodland setting.