An ordinance to address littering and waste haulers was considered by the Winnebago County Board Thursday evening. To easily regulate drivers from outside the county, each incoming garbage-carrying truck would be required to have a permit.

The permit fees would be $50 plus a $100 inspection fee. The ordinance has been in the works for over six months and was approved by the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Health Department.

“Making sure trash doesn’t end up in the highway, et cetera, et cetera,” said Winnebago County Board member Jean Crosby (R-Dist 16). “So there’s a fining policy. But better than that, there’s a policy where we charge them, like giving them a license, to travel across the county.”

Some board members said they received calls from the Winnebago Landfill asking for a chance to address the ordinance on the record. Many agreed and sent it back to committee, while Crosby disagreed with the move.

“They never really gave a rationale,” said Crosby. “They just said there’s numerous things to be discussed. I felt that there is a separate agenda going on here. I didn’t think it was open or transparent at all.”

Justin Zaugg lives just a mile from the landfill and wants board members to stop worrying about pleasing the garbage property and consider the well-being of residents instead.

“I was here back in April and spoke to them about the landfill issue,” said Zaugg. “Since then, nothing has been done yet from the board.”

Zaugg says many of the board members that voted against the asphalt plant in Rockton were supportive of the landfill’s expansion. The New Milford resident adds he doesn’t see fairness across the county.

“They are quoted saying ‘We care about our residents, air quality, the quality of life, and the overall enjoyment of their property’. If you’re worried about it up there, what’s the difference here in the southeast?”

The amendment will be addressed once again at next week’s Operations And Administrative Committee meeting.