ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) –The chairman of the Winnebago County Republican Party said that he is not going anywhere after members voiced their concerns.

Chairman Eli Nicolosi presented a “civility” resolution, but the meeting with members of the party Tuesday night was far from that.

“As you can see I’ve got nothing to hide, do you,” said Nicolosi, Winnebago County Republican Party Central Committee chairman and Senate candidate.

Nicolosi has made it clear that he is not going anywhere. He addressed recent calls for his resignation on Tuesday night, which came after his wife was granted an order of protection last month against him. It is since been dismissed.

“I am definitely not stepping down, I’m definitely not dropping out and I’m definitely not going to step down from political bullies,” Nicolosi said.

Nicolosi is running for State Senate in the 35th District against incumbent Dave Syverson. He maintains that his opponent is behind the uproar.

“Instead of distracting the voters with garbage like this, why don’t we actually talk about the issues, you know, like term limits. 30 years of favors should benefit the community, not just a few of us,” Nicolosi said. “Dave Syverson, I’m speaking directly to you right now. Stop attacking my marriage. Stop with all these political shenanigans.”

Some members of his own party, meanwhile, are not letting the issue go that easily. Jan Klaas, captain of the party, said that there is a lack of accountability,

“We’re criticized for bringing personal attacks, and he did the same thing to his opponent, talking about his divorce also, so it seems that there’s some hypocrisy here,” Klaas said.

She added that it is in the best interest of the Republican Party that he step down.

“The allegations made by his wife are very serious, and there’s a concern today about abuse of women, and disrespect, and sometimes Republicans are accused of covering up wrongdoing by some of our candidates,” Klaas said.

Nicolosi’s wife was there in support of her husband. The Senate hopeful also challenged Syverson to a debate, while saying that he is disappointed in the sheriff.