ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Brian Tobler found his perfect match at Winnebago County Animal Services on Friday, a “beautiful” chihuahua named Bebe.

Tobler had been thinking about adopting, but was pushed to do so when he saw animal services was waiving adoption fees as part of their “Clear the Shelters Adoption Event.”

Brian Tobler with his newly-adopted chihuahua, Bebe.

With close to 80 dogs and 70 cats in the county’s custody, events like “Clear the Shelters” help to spur potential owners to give a shelter animal their forever home.

“The huge thing about the fee-waived adoption is you still get everything that comes with [a regular] adoption,” said Amber Pinnon, adoption and volunteer program coordinator for the shelter. “You still get the vaccinations, the spay or neuter, the microchip, any meds that they’re currently on, so that’s a great thing.”

Finding shelter animals a home is not only important for their wellbeing. Space is limited, meaning every animal adopted opens a spot for the shelter to rescue another in need.

“We’re hoping that a majority of our adoptable animals get adopted and that we can clear those adoptable animals out to a forever home and make room for other pets in need,” said Pinnon.

The event couldn’t have gone better for Tobler. After over five years without a dog, he says he’s ecstatic to bring Bebe home.

“I love it, I’m so happy,” said Tobler. “She took to me very well, too.”

“You know these dogs and cats are tired of being locked up in these shelters and they want to come home to somebody where they can be loved and cherished.”

Those interested in adopting an animal from Winnebago County Animal Services can visit their website here to view available pets and complete an adoption questionnaire.

The event runs through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.