Winnebago County treasurer blames tax bill delays on postal service

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Winnebago County tax bills had to be postmarked Friday, but some property owners are worried their checks may not make it.

Those owners blame the United States Postal Service. The county treasurer says her office has been having problems with the post office.

We talked with her about the issues. Winnebago County Treasurer Sue Goral says the issue is only getting worse and tells us some tax forms that were mailed out months ago never arrived.

“it’s taking weeks now to get anywhere,” said Goral.

Goral says USPS continues to stamp mail with the word “Vacant,” letting it sit at the post office or returning it to her.

“This year for some reason theres an awul lot of people that call and say they never got it but yet it’s all been correctly addressed,” said Goral.

Her office sends out tax bills to every resident in the county twice a year. She says they’re addressed to the correct place, but still aren’t being delivered.

“I expect the bills to go to the premisis of the address they were addressed to. I don’t expect them to be in the post office – stamped and sent back to me,” Goral explained.

Goral says the same thing is happening on her end. She isn’t receiving taxpayer checks, sometimes until weeks later.

“People have been mailing their bills and it’s taking forever to get here. Like the one I told you about that was in the middle of May and it just processed today. It should be just a couple of days,” Goral added.

Her complaints she says continue to go unresolved and says USPS hasn’t said if it will be fixed.

“My mail carrier that comes here is apologetic but [says] to call the main office. It’s ‘this is how it is,'” said Goral.

We reached out to the post office for comment but have not heard back.

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