Winnebago groups rally for women’s reproductive rights

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – The controversial Texas abortion law is sparking protests across the nation, and even here locally. Two local groups said that they vow to continue their fight in protecting women’s rights.

The Winnebago County Citizens for Choice and Women’s March Rockford gathered at Davis Park on Saturday to show solidarity for women’s rights. Supporters of the groups said that they believe women should have the power to decide what they should do with their bodies.

Organizers of the groups said that they are disappointed with Texas’ law, and that instead of pushing people forward, it pushes people back.

“This is not just happening to Texas, it is happening in many, many different states, mainly in the south, but we are not going to stand for this,” said Barb Giolitto, President of Winnebago County Citizens for Choice. “We are fighting it tooth and nail all the way.”

“It is certainly a threat to many other states, who could feel as if those restrictive abortion laws are what is best for their region, and really, it is not what is best for women in their region, so it is very restrictive and dangerous, and sets a really horrific precedent for other communities and states that are watching,” added Megan Brechon, a board member of Women’s March Rockford.

The groups hope that the Women’s Health Protection Act passes, which would make abortion legal in all states.

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