(WTVO) — A recent survey has unveiled which route Wisconsin drivers are most scared to take.

The survey by Gunter Mitsubishi complied the results from 3,000 road trippers. They said that US Route 2 is the worst in Wisconsin, ranking number 49 out of 50 overall across the country.

The highway, dubbed “The Great Northern,” runs almost 3,600 miles from the Space Needle in Seattle all the way to Acadia National Park in Maine, according to Road Trip USA. Snaking along the entire US-Canada border, it actually run through part of the country’s northern neighbors.

The road has been called the “Loneliest Road in Wisconsin” by Only in Your State. While the road does go through small towns, the road is mostly countryside where drivers might not see another car for miles at a time.

This might be a scary thought for drivers, as help could be a long time coming if they break down in the middle of nowhere.

The state is investing $4.9 million to resurface the road as well as repair and replace culverts, according to 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects. In addition, a portion of the road will be reconfigured to add left turn lanes at the Bad River Lodge & Casino.