Local restaurant offers up sweet treat for Rockford firefighters


Firefighters are used to hot situations.  Not just from the flames, but also from the weight of their gear.  That’s why any opportunity to cool down is a welcome one.  For Rockford firefighters, at the scene of a recent blaze, that cool down came in the form of milkshakes from the workers of the Auburn Street Beef-A-Roo.

When a fire broke out at a Rockford home on North Second Street Thursday, Rockford firefighters weren’t the only ones who sprung into action.

“It’s awesome that we can do something that seems so simple, but means a lot to them.” said Beef-A-Roo manager Brad Smith.

That simple act came in the form of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry milkshakes.  30 of them to be exact.  Workers then rushed it over to Rockford’s bravest who were two miles away.

“They’re out fighting a fire, it was hot and something just to kind of refresh them, and give them a boost of confidence to keep doing what they’re doing.” said Smith.
“It was very nice Beef-A-Roo donated.” said Rockford Fire Department District Chief Luis Duran.  “They found out there was a house fire and the guys did a tremendous job.”

Duran says it’s common for firefighters to get water or Gatorade to help cool them down, but, this treat, was definitely a little sweeter.

“Our guys are very grateful, especially when you come out of a fire when you’re inside and you’re working very hard they come out of there exhausted and very tired.” said Duran.  “It usually takes longer for them to recoup.”

Smith says it’s the least he and his team can do to help those who help others.

“If you are able to do it, I think you should do it.” said Smith.  “There is people that struggle out there or like yesterday there’s people out risking their lives and if we can do it we should.  We are a Rockford-based community and business and it’s good to be part of the community.”
“It’s very touching to know there’s people out there that really care about what we’re doing and really care for our personnel and they realize the risk that we take and the strenuous things that we go through.” said Duran.

Duran says this isn’t the first time the community has stepped up to take care of his guys.  He tells Eyewitness News that support provides the department even more incentive to care for the community’s safety.

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