ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — It’s not only bars and restaurants that are feeling the impact of the stay-in order. Smaller stores in the Stateline that didn’t have an online presence in the past are now dipping their toes into the digital world.

Culture Shock has no online website to sell their items. But after shutting its doors to the public that might change.

“I mean this is a completely new challenge I mean even outside of flooding and other near-disasters we’ve had this is totally new,” explained Skyler Davis, the owner of Culture Shock record store located at 2239 Charles Street.

Stores like Culture Shock and Rockford Art Deli are using the tools at their disposal. For most, that means getting active on social media.

“Right now with everyone being at home it’s kind of your perfect audience in a good and bad way, everyone is on their phone so we can start pushing content about what we are what we do and the good things we do in the community,” said Jerrod Hennis, the owner of Rockford Art Deli.

Business owners say it’s important for them to keep working because you never know who is still depending on you. During these tough times, many Culture Shock customers have turned to music.

“Another thing that’s been really popular are records a lot of people are wanting to turn off their tech devices and enjoy records or ask for something new to listen to and we’ve even had people who have made a recent purchase but they’re tagging us and sharing records they’ve picked up in the store in the past that they’re really enjoying right now to get through this lockdown,” explained Davis.

Overall, owners say it’s important for the community to stick together and continue to shop local.

“Now it’s really good for small businesses to step up and kind of join together and figure out how we can help each other out so that you know once we get back to our normal pace everyone is still strong and open and available to operate,” concluded Hennis.


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