Loves Park couple’s package stolen off front porch moments after delivery


A soon to be newlywed couple fell victim to a package thief and the theft was caught on their home security cameras.

“Someone literally took them off our porch,” said Savannah Fitchie.

Surveillance footage shows the moment a man gets out of his black truck and steals the package — seconds after it’s delivery. That box belongs to Fitchie and her fiancé Anthony Fritch. They first discovered something happened with their order after receiving an email about it being delivered.

“I emailed them and told them I haven’t gotten anything,” said Fritch. “They sent me the tracking number and it showed on UPS tracking that I have received it.”

At first, the pair thought it was just a package mix-up mistake — until they checked their surveillance camera footage.

“It’s just crazy,” said Fitchie. “The UPS man was there and then not even a minute later, he came on our porch and took it.”

The first part of their wedding table linen order arrived earlier last week, the stolen box was the rest of the shipment.

“It’s just aggravating,” said Fritch. “You go to work all day and work for the little bit that you can afford and it ends up getting stolen from you.”

With the couple’s wedding date quickly approaching — the stress of the theft becomes a burden.

“[It’s the] wasting money on something we’re not going to be able to use,” said Fritch.

“The time too, the time is ticking down,” explained Fitchie.

The video shows the black truck drive multiple times by the couple’s home even after stealing the box. Fitchie says she’s used to hearing crimes like this happen during the holidays, but now realizes these thefts can happen year round.

“I was pretty shocked that it happened,” said Fitchie. “It’s sad that that’s what it’s coming to.”

Fritch says it’s important to think twice about where and when packages are delivered to avoid falling victim to potential thieves.

“If you got a family member that’s home, have it delivered to their house,” said Fritch. “Or have it delivered to your work if that’s possible. “

Loves Park Police is investigating Friday’s theft.

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