Loves Park Deputy Chief retires after 47 years

For more than four decades Loves Park Fire Deputy Chief Paul Spencer dedicated his career to service, but now he’s retiring.
“It makes you feel like you accomplished something,” Spencer said.
After serving 47 years in the Loves Park Fire Department, Deputy Chief Paul Spencer has definitely accomplished a lot.
“His wealth of knowledge in the fire service,” Steven Pash, Loves Park Deputy Chief, said. “He’s done a lot.”
Although a little tough to remember, Spencer took a walk down memory lane back to 1972 and reminisced about what made him decide to become a firefighter.
“I was working with a guy at Ingersoll who was a firefighter, a volunteer firefighter, and he kind of talked me into trying it.”
He was promoted to Captain in 1981. He became Deputy Chief just three years later, but now he’s ready to retire and pass the torch.
“The way that technology and everything has changed, the young guys have to take over and do their thing,” Spencer said.
Before Spencer hangs his helmet, the Loves Park Fire Department plans to express their appreciation for his dedication by throwing a retirement party.
“I told them that it wasn’t necessary,” Spencer said. “It wasn’t something that I really expected, but they say that they’re glad to do it.”
“He’s just well liked and he’s done a lot of things to work with us throughout the years,” Pash said.
Spencer says the one thing he will is working with the guys.
“My wife had some problems before she passed and the department kind of helped me through that,” Spencer said.
Spencer says that if he misses the fire station, he will stop by the department and visit.
His retirement party is open to the public. It will be held at the Loves Park Fire Department (1527 Windsor Road) on Sunday, April 28 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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