Loves Park Police warn residents after recent string of car break-ins


Lock your doors and hide your valuables. That’s what Loves Park Police are telling residents after a recent string of car break-ins.

“We’re getting quite a few reports for car burglaries,” said Loves Park Police Officer Chad Palmer.

He says simple steps can go a long way to protect your belongings.

“It’s easy, it’s common sense,” said Palmer. “You just take your stuff out of your car or hide it in the trunk. Somewhere it can’t be seen and lock your doors.”

Amy Ekberg says her family usually locks their car doors, but Sunday night, her husband forgot to make sure after a long day. By the next morning, their car had been broken into.

“We feel violated,” said Ekberg. “They walked right up to the house, the cars are right in the driveway. They obviously have no fear, the lights are on every night. I know we’re not the only house that was hit.”

While everything inside was replaceable, the actual wallet is not. Ekberg’s husband had received it as a gift from his late grandmother.

“We can’t get back the sentimental value of the wallet itself.”

Ekberg posted a picture of the wallet online, hoping someone might find it after it’s been tossed.

“That’s the only thing that matters to us,” said Ekberg. “Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll ever find it.”

Officer Palmer says thefts have been happening in neighborhoods and business parking lots. Adding, while their department patrols neighborhoods around the clock, it’s up to each resident to avoid falling victim.

“We can drive around to every single neighborhood every single night but what’s to say we drive through twenty, thirty minutes later someone breaks into your car.” .

Loves Park Police add motion detecting flood lights can also help deter thieves.

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