Lydia Urban Academy Receives $20,000 Check From Anonymous Donor


“We’re really excited about this donor that’s come forward and helped us to make sure that we keep our doors open.”

The director of Lydia Urban Academy Chad Carty accepting a generous check from an anonymous donor.

The $20,000 dollar donation will allow them to continue educating non-traditional high school students.

The alternative school focusing on kids that have not had success in other high schools.

“Many of them have been suspended, maybe even expelled, have come to us from juvenile probation, or maybe have some mental health issues,” said Director Chad Carty. “All things that cause them not to be successful in the traditional larger classroom.”

Carty says high crime and poverty rates in Rockford add challenges to their students’ learning, so it’s important they stay open to help them.

“We get to know our students on a very close level,” said Carty. “Not only in school, but we know what’s going on outside of school because we understand that many times the things outside of school are the things that are affecting them inside of school.”

The school has a unique learning atmosphere, with a 10:1 student to teacher ratio.

Their students pay tuition on a sliding scale, but most of their funding comes from private donations and grants-including help from the United Way of Rock River Valley.

“We’ve been supporting Lydia Urban Academy for almost 20 years,” said the President & CEO of the United Way of Rock River Valley, Paul Logli. “They are an outstanding organization that provides the last chance for many young people to earn a fully recognized high school diploma.”

Logli saying every contribution, large or small helps.

“I think that should be exciting to people,” said Logli. “That their philanthropy at any level when put together with other philanthropy, other gifts, will achieve remarkable results.”

If you would like to contribute, you can go online to to donate money directly to the non-profit school.

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