MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — A local school is a couple of days into their school year, and students are being offered a unique learning experience.

Harlem High School is allowing students to get a sneak peak inside their dream career. Though classes have only been in session for a couple days, one students said that he is eager to get started and get his hands dirty in the interactive classes.

“Here at Harlem, we have the Career and Technical Education program. We refer to it often as CTE,” said Patti Lawrence, CTE coordinator at Harlem.

Harlem’s CTE Program has been around for several years. Michael Halvax is a junior at Harlem and he is taking full advantage of the learning opportunity.

“I got into engineering, because I’ve always wanted to be an electrician since I was a kid because my grandpa was an electrician and I think it’s a career that will suit me,” Halvax said. “I just like seeing how things are made, and I think it’s fascinating how we built everything and engineered it.”

However, engineering is not the only option. The school offers a variety of different career paths, like culinary automotive, business and arts. Lawrence said that having options will prove beneficial in the long run.

“We believe that by offering this diverse selection of courses, every student should be able to identify a pathway, if not only for a career after, but potentially for college coursework to prep them for college,” Lawrence said.

The students are given an assessment to see what their interests are, which will then help decide their classes. Coursework is something that Lawrence said Harlem is working to improve.

“I think that career and technical education is very important for students, especially students who maybe don’t typically learn in a book fashion, but more hands on,” Lawrence said. “So, being able to offer these experiential learning opportunities is very important because it helps guide them in potential areas that they might not have otherwise known about.”

Lawrence added that they are looking to do some remodeling inside the high school, as well as add on to the building, all for its CTE Programs.