A Rockford area business and its workers make it a habit of sending their products much farther than the competition.

NASA just revealed its new Mars Rover.  It contains parts that are manufactured by Forest City Gear in Roscoe.

“We have one of the more modern, if not the most modern gear producing facilities in the size and type of gear we do in the United States,” said Chairman Fred Young.

The company has made several different gears for other NASA vehicles, such as “Spirit” and “Opportunity” rovers, as well as for “Curiosity.”

“Being able to tell your kids that, ‘Dad’s worked on some gears that are going to Mars…’, that’s a pretty thrilling experience for anybody to have.

Young calls working for NASA a good challenge because it allows the company to learn how to manufacture better.  Tech tested in the Rover missions are leading to a manned Mars mission scheduled for the 2030s.