Police in Madison want the public to know that their efforts to protect and serve don’t extend only to the city’s human population.

The Madison Police Department posted this amusing story Tuesday morning, detailing the rescue of an opossum who got his…er, “anatomical items” stuck in a wooden fence:

MPD’s commitment to high quality service is in no way limited to only humans.
On this fateful day, officers were dispatched to an opossum sitting atop a 4 foot high, wood fence. Noting that this majestic creature appeared stuck on the fence, officers assessed it to be potentially in need of assistance and began efforts to contain him.

Then, they discovered the direst of circumstances. Anatomical items of said creature were caught in the fence slats. It is taught in the academy to show empathy for those we interact with. This delicate situation brought on the utmost empathy for the opossum.

Having some sort of symbiotic moment with responding officers, the opossum gratefully allowed the officers to free him in the greatest of senses and move him to the ground. Upon reaching the ground, a hasty departure was made by all parties, with a greater appreciation for freedom and an undoubted new respect for the dangers of wood fences.