Madison radio DJ shot inside community radio station


It was radio silence for nearly 6 hours at a Madison community radio station after one of the DJs was shot early Monday morning.

Around 3 a.m., a masked and hooded man got into the WORT station and opened fire on the DJs, hitting one in the rear.

The DJ, a 33-year-old man, was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his injuries.

But, for people at the station, they’re mired in mystery.

“No, we don’t know why. That’s quite a concern of ours,” said David Deveraux-Webber of WORT.

The door at WORT has a code to get in, which means it must have been a deliberate attack. It’s possible that they knew the code, which means they might have known somebody who knew the code, or they might have been a former programmer.

Board President Deveraux-Weber says that even though they may not know for sure, it felt like a targeted attack.

“Somebody who had a beef about something, and we’re not quite sure it’s a personal issue or a music issue,” he said.

The station had been in the process of getting security cameras but they hadn’t yet been installed.

By morning, the door code had been reset.

In the meantime, calls have been flooding in to WORT.

“People hoping that we’re all well and offering to do anything they can to help. We’ve got a number of people who, programmers who have other shift and people from the board who have shown up just to lend their support,” Deveraux-Weber said.

WORT sees themselves as a station that is very much ingrained in their community, so now the community is backing them.

“We’ve really gotten a lot of support from the community, so we’re always appreciative of that and it helps us through times like this,” Deveraux-Weber said.

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