Magic Waters Final Weekend


Summer is coming to an end and fall is around the corner.

Residents are trying to squeeze all the fun they can out of summer fun before the cold weather moves in and places like magic waters closes for the season.

Heidi and Martinez  her daughter Victoria Martinez  say they are,”just having fun. Just having fun trying to get in the last few days before they close for the season”.

Labor Day Weekend is a sign of the end of summer, which means those favorite spots won’t be open much longer including Magic Waters.

Operations Manager at Magic Waters Eric Brown says “It’s the last weekend too so expect people to get their last chance to come out for the summer”.

The parking is full, huge crowds at the gates, stacks of inner tubes inside the park, lawn chairs loaded up with towels and flip flops are scattered around pools
And dozens of families testing the waters at park.

Visitor Javier Cisnery Magic Waters says “I’ve never heard of this place so we figured we’d try it out”.
Gary Dalcanton, another visitor says,  “we’re going to go on some water slides”.

As it’s the last weekend of the season, Operations Manager Eric Brown is expecting the crowd favorites will be a big draw.

“This is the second year the Screaming Lizard has been open so that’s been a favorite. Usually the wave pool is always a big hit”, says Brown.
Gary Dalcanton reinforces Brown’s point by saying “I want to go on that one, the big green one that goes around in a circle”.

While some visitors, including Brown have their eye on other rides they want to hit before the season’s over.

“My favorite thing is the classic body slide” Brown says.
Victoria Martinez says, “my favorite ride is the blue and the yellow..because it’s dark and you don’t know where you’re going”.

Despite the fact that the park’s closing weekend was cut short by mother nature Brown is optimistic that the weather will hold out enough for people to take a dip in the waters.

“We actually shut down yesterday because of weather, the storms, so hopefully it looks like today the storms are going to hold out and tomorrow it looks decent too”, says Brown.

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