Man arrested for tossing 8-year-old boy off 31-foot water slide platform

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An 18-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly threw an 8-year-old off a 31-foot high water slide because he was mad the line was taking too long.

“It’s been open for 20 years, we’ve never had an incident of this magnitude,” said Apple Valley Police Capt. Nick Francis told WCCO-TV. “Everybody in the water park that saw it happen are just devastated by it.”

Police say Roman Adams threw the boy off the platform because the line was taking too long.

The boy suffered broken bones in the fall. Lifeguards were quick to help until police arrived on the scene.

“There’s not a lot of safety mechanisms that you can put in place for when someone commits a crime, so I don’t think another guard or a higher rail could have prevented this from happening,” Francis said.

Investigators later learned that Adams suffers from cognitive disabilities and that his personal care assistant was with him at the park, but not in line with him on the water slide.

“Our investigation focused on [Adams] knew what he did was wrong, he knew what he did was going to hurt someone and he did it,” Francis said.

Adams was arrested for third-degree felony assault.

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