Man Attacks Goose at RVC, Arrested


It’s an encounter that’s garnered lots of attention on social media, a man at Rock Valley College threw punches at a goose. It also caught the attention of local authorities.

Don’t touch the animals or you might get arrested, that’s exactly what happened to this man Monday at Rock Valley College. It is a match of man versus goose. A man can be seen hitting and dodging the goose near a campus pond. It has over a million views on the internet and left students on campus wondering why it happened.

“I watched it so many times and I saw him actually hit the goose,” said student Sophia Diaz Ruiz. “I was like, ‘Poor thing, why?  What is the point of it?'”

It’s unclear if the main in the video is a student. He’s now charged with wildlife harassment.

“Actions have consequences,” said student James Burke. “So, I mean do something stupid, deal with the consequences. But at the same time, it was pretty funny.”

Rock Valley College Police released a statement reminding students that the springtime is nesting season for many birds and they’ll become more aggressive if someone gets too close.

“I’ve been chased by multiple geese this year I’ve had it happen all the time.”

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