CHATHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTVO) — A car dealership owner found a man crushed beneath one of the cars on the lot when he went to work Tuesday morning, authorities say.

Chatham County Police reported that Matthew Eric Smith, 32, was killed while trying to saw off a catalytic converter at South Bound Auto Sales when the car fell on him.

“At this time, the death appears to be accidental, and no foul play is suspected in regard to the cause of death,” Chatham County police said.

“A human life got destroyed for a stupid thing. To lose a life like that for $80. There’s not enough money to make it worth a life,” owner Mike Abouharb told WTOC.

Abouharb said in any given year the dealership loses between “$30 and $50,000 lost in catalytic converters, radios, even tires!”

He said the death is making him question whether to keep the business.

“What happened…I think that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back,” he was quoted as saying. “Everybody thinks the car business, you’re shoveling money. But you make a little money, then get a hit like this and it makes a big toll. It’s a hardship. It’s not worth it.”