Manitowoc Dispatch Center Receives “Justice for Steven” Bomb Threat


A bomb threat was called into a Wisconsin sheriff’s office that was prominently featured in the hit Netflix series “Making a Murderer” Wednesday night, sparking an evacuation of the area, police said.

The caller allegedly directed the threat, “Justice for Steven” — an apparent reference to the show’s central character, Steven Avery — to the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department, according to the Manitowoc County Police Department.

The sheriff’s department played a prominent role it the show, with Avery’s lawyers arguing in court that the members of the agency manipulated evidence in an attempt to frame him for murder.

Avery, who maintains his innocence, was convicted in court and his conviction was upheld. His rape conviction in 1985 was overturned nearly two decades later.

“Making a Murderer” takes a look back at the murder arrest and trial, as well as Avery’s bid to clear his name based on the alleged framing. The prosecutor at the time said that the show left out key pieces of evidence and sheriff’s department members denied the allegations in court.

Police said that the threat to the sheriff’s department stated that there were bombs inside the building and a vehicle with bombs outside the building in the parking lot.

The all clear was eventually given.

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