Marc Mongan to Face Jury in Felony Trial


Marc Mongan waived his right to a preliminary hearing on the 7 new felony charges filed against him.

He’s the man accused of piloting a boat drunk and causing a deadly crash that killed 31-year-old Megan Wells. The case now moves forward to a jury trial automatically.

“We have no idea why his attorneys made that decision but that is certainly one of his rights,” explained Cynthia Koroll, the Attorney for Wells’ parents.

Mongan is pleading “Not Guilty” to charges of Reckless Homicide, Reckless Conduct and Aggravated DUI.

“It is now the State’s burden to present the evidence to a jury to determine whether or not Mr. Mongan is guilty of one or seven of those felonies,” said Koroll.

This comes after months of ups and downs in the case. Mongan went from initially facing misdemeanor charges — to now felonies. The judge also denied a motion for a special prosecutor, only to have the Ogle County State’s Attorney recommend one after recusing himself from the case. The victim’s parents say they finally feel some sense of justice.

“From the very beginning, we’ve just fought and fought and fought. And today…all that has been worth it,” said Wells’ father, David Swaziek.

“It’s been a very difficult process,” added Koroll. “It is very hard on this family to have to continue to insist that Mr. Mongan be held responsible for Megan’s death.”

The Swazieks say they have new found faith in both the special prosecutor and the jury.

“I’m hoping that with some new evidence, that we’re going to see everything presented in a very professional and proper way,” said Swaziek.

There will be a status hearing for Mongan on November 8th. An official trial date will be set at that time.

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