Mayor kills 12-foot gator that ate her miniature horse

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POLK COUNTY, TX — Judy Cochran says a 12-foot alligator killed her miniature horse and she wanted to make sure it never happened again.

Judy Cochran baited and caught the monstrous 12-foot gator Monday morning on her ranch.

Cochran believes the 580-pound male gator is the culprit in the disappearance of her miniature horse.

“The horse just disappeared, so we’re thinking the gator got it,” she said.

So, she was glad when she discovered the raccoon carcass her son-in-law hung on a hook had successfully caught the patriarch of the pond.

Cochran is mayor of Livingston, so she was in meetings when she got the call about the catch.

She said, “Well when Scott called, he said ‘we’ve got the big one, Nana, so come on down.'”

She used her Winchester 22 magnum to harvest the beast.

Judy’s miniature horse disappeared three years ago and she’s been trying to catch the killer every alligator season since.

“Polk County is one of 12 core counties that you can only kill a gator between September the 10th and September the 30th — only that 20 days,” she said.

The 12-foot gator she took Monday was not the biggest one her ranch has seen.

Nine years ago her grandson, Simon, who was five years old at the time, bagged an 800-pound male — making national news.

“It was 12-foot, 6 inches,” she said.

The taxidermists processing Judy’s gator say it’s the second biggest local gator that they have worked on.  The biggest one was Judy’s grandson Simon’s gator from 2009.  

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