Meiborg Bros Incorporated honors fallen Officer Jaimie Cox


The death of Rockford Police Officer Jaimie Cox is still fresh in the minds of those who knew and loved him, that includes his former co-workers at a Rockford trucking company.

Before he was a police officer and before he put his life on the line to protect and to serve Rockford, fallen officer Jaimie Cox worked at Meiborg Bros Inc. Employees here say the loved Cox as a brother so much that they made a semi truck dedicated to him.

“It’s about him as a person and what he stood for,” said Freight Broker Jonathan M. Howell. “Jaimie was a Vet.  I believe that it’s an important thing to be recognized [for] and kind of get the awareness out there.”

“We will be going all over the United States,” said Division Manager John Wiederholt.  “The lower 48 obviously.  [The] cool part is Jaimie’s memory and the symbolism behind the trailer will reach every corner of the United States.”

Company officials hope the truck will serve as an inspiration to others, and maybe start a constructive conversation or motivate a bright idea about how people can make this world a better place.

“With him being a Vet and dedicating his life service and helping others, I think it’s important for people to know and to kind of just be able to see that,” said Howell.  “If it inspires someone to take action or step into that role to serve others, then that’s all for the better.”

The police car Cox was using when he and another man were killed during a traffic stop did not have a dash cam, which hindered the investigation into what happened. It also motivated some at Meiborg to raise money for the Rockford Police Department to put dash cams in every police car.

“People actually do want to help, which is awesome,” said Wiederholt.  “I’m just hoping they can actually move forward with utilizing that money in a way to actually further the development of community relations between citizens and police department.”

The Jaimie Cox semi truck is set to leave for its first cross country trip soon.

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