MercyHealth Newest Hospital Completed, Set to Bring Economical Benefits


In January, the long awaited Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic – Riverside will open it’s doors to the public.  More than 3 years and $500 million have gone into the project.  On Wednesday evening, a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony were held. MercyHealth and Rockford leaders believe the benefits that will come from Rockford’s newest hospital will be felt far beyond the riverside campus.

“We’ve been working hard on this for years,” said MercyHealth President and CEO Javon Bea.  

After three years, Mercyhealth’s Javon Bea Hospital and Physician Clinic – Riverside is complete. It houses 194 inpatient rooms, including, 52 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 72 for the Adult Inpatient Unit.   “We’ve incorporated the concept of the healing powers of nature into this facility and that’s why you get a sense of such openness,” said Bea.   In the hospital units, there’s Interactive ceilings,  games in the waiting room and even a touch sensitive color changing wall.

“A facility like this that serves people’s bodies, minds, souls, it’s a source of healing and comfort,” said Bea.  “You’ll just find a number of businesses and people wanting to build around the facility.  It’ll be a tremendous economic catalyst for Rockford.”

290 new medical specialist have been hired to work at the Riverside campus.  Most of the employees are new to Rockford.

“When you have an investment like this and it draws that many people that it does to our community and in particular patients from outside the area, there’s a lot of spillover effect that has.,” said President and CEO of the Rockford Area Economic Development Council Nathan Bryant.  “Those patients, those doctors, they shop in our stores, they need housing”

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara says the city will continue to build on the opportunities created by development in the area.

“It means that we’re having an even better opportunity to solidify our regional reputation for healthcare and that’s Rockford,” said Mayor McNamara.  “We obviously face challenges, but you look at the opportunities we are seeing seemingly every other day, there’s something big happening in our community that’s a great benefit.”

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