Michigan man credits his dog for saving him from heart attack

GLADWIN COUNTY, Mich. (CNN) — They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Ken Richter, 52, from Gladwin County, Michigan would agree.

Ritcher says his pit bull-Labrador mix, Cheyenne, gave him a wake up call that helped save his life.

“About two thirty in the morning when I was laying there sleeping,” Richter explained.

“She just body slammed me, she never did anything like that, she just stood up and slammed right into my back and I have had surgery, so she knows not to mess with my back.”

He was understandably upset at first, but that’s when he realized that something wasn’t right. “I yelled at her, because I didn’t know what she was doing, so she took off out of my bedroom, and I woke up and my chest was hurting so bad I could barely breathe,” he said.

Richter noticed his chest pain didn’t go away and drove himself to the emergency room. When he arrived, the doctors told him he was having a heart attack.

“They said it was a bad one, I had like 99 percent blockage in my left ventricle.”

Richter will turn 53 next month and is thankful to be able to celebrate with his two children and other dog named Chunky-Monkey. After that night, his bond with Cheyenne has never been stronger and he also learned an important lesson.

“I don’t think I would be here, my son, I have no idea where he would be now, because at the time I don’t have a living will, but I have to get one going now.”


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