Mike Madigan’s Chief of Staff Tim Mapes resigns after harassment allegations

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Speaker Mike Madigan’s Chief of Staff Tim Mapes resigned as the Executive Director of the Illinois Democratic Party on Wednesday hours after an aide accused him of harassment.

In a statement, Madigan said: “At my direction, Tim Mapes has resigned as my Chief of Staff and Clerk of the Illinois House of Representatives.  Jessica Basham has been named Chief of Staff for the Office of the Speaker effective immediately. Further, Mr. Mapes has resigned as the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Illinois and all other roles with my political committees.”

The resignation was announced after a Madigan staffer, Sheri Garrett, claimed Mapes harassed and bullied her for many years.

“I have decided to come forward because we have a serious and pervasive problem in our state government, and I could no longer remain silent about my own mistreatment,” said Garrett, of Springfield. “My hope is that by coming forward, I can help to create space for others to do the same.”
Madigan’s statement continued to say: “Regarding Ms. Garrett’s concerns shared earlier today, neither I or the House Democratic Ethics Officer had been made aware of Ms. Garrett’s complaints against Tim Mapes.  My office was aware of the comments made by then Representative Dunkin and took action to handle the matter. That issue had been disclosed publicly earlier this year by my office along with all other known allegations of harassment.  It is clear that the culture needs to change and we need to ensure all issues are dealt with quickly and appropriately. 

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